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House Clearances in the Chesterfield and Bakwell area

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House Clearance Service

We offer house clearance services throughout the Peak District, Chesterfield and Sheffield.

If you have lived in a house for a while and you have a loft, garage and outbuildings such as sheds, then you have probably accumulated a few items that you no longer need or want. If you are about to move house, then it makes no sense to take these items with you. This is the time to have a good sort through everything and dispose of what you don’t need.

There are many options available to you when disposing of unwanted items, whichever option you choose though, if the items are heavy and bulky you will need assistance moving them. This is where we can help.

If your unwanted items have some value then you should consider either advertising them for sale in the local papers and online services such as Gumtree or putting them in to an auction. You could use an online auction service like eBay or a local auction house. We would recommend using Bamfords auction house at Rowsley in the Peak Village shopping Centre. We are their favoured furniture transport company and often take and collect items from their sale room.

If you wanted to donate your items to charity, then many charity organisations may collect your items but they will only take items in good condition with appropriate safety marks so it is important to discuss this with them as they may not take everything and you will be left with items you need to dispose of yourself. One of our favourite local charities is Ashgate Hospice, they are a worthy cause and help families in the Chesterfield and Peak District areas. You can call them on 01246 568801 to discuss a collection.

If you are unable to sell or donate your items, then we are a licensed waste carrier and we are able to dispose of items legally at a waste transfer facility. There is a charge made by the waste transfer facility and we would have to pass that cost on to you. Currently the charge is £20 per 100Kg. As a commercial business we cannot take waste to the local council tips.

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Only use a licensed waste carrier

It is very important that you use a licensed waste carrier as you are responsible for the disposal of your goods. If you use an unlicensed firm and they just dump your rubbish at the side of a road somewhere then you will be held responsible and could even be prosecuted if it was traced back to you. We hold the proper licences and we will provide you with a receipt and proof of disposal if required.

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Let us quote you for a house clearance

We can recycle mattresses, Sofas, Bedroom Furniture, White Goods, in fact there is not much we cannot recycle so why don’t you give us a call to discuss your house clearance and we can give you a quote.

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Removal tips

  • Defrost your refrigerator in time for moving day.
  • It’s useful to keep a notebook at hand to write down reminders.
  • Get in touch with utility companies to verify service start dates at your new home.
Packing and labeling
  • Label boxes on all sides so you can see what it contains in a stack without having to move everything around.
  • Clearly mark boxes containing fragile goods.
  • Pack a suitcase with clothes and toiletries like you’re going on a trip for a few days.

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