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Removal tips and Faq

Take the stress out of moving house


  • Regard moving as an opportunity to get rid of belongings you no longer need. Consider making ”donate” and “sell” piles in each room for things you could do without.
  • People have a tendency to keep outdated paperwork for a very long time. Realise that paper is very heavy. Do yourself a favour and get rid of any outdated documents prior to moving..
  • Make sure you have a generous supply of packaging tape, scissors, markers and labels.
  • Defrost your refrigerator in time for moving day.

Packing and labeling

  • Start packing as early as you can. Items that you do not use on a daily or weekly basis can be packed ahead of time.
  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and use large boxes for lighter items.
  • Delicate and breakable items should be well wrapped and protected to prevent damage during the move. Any boxes with delicate items should be clearly labelled as fragile on all sides of the box.
  • Sharp and dangerous objects like knives and tools should be carefully wrapped so that sharp objects do not poke through boxes and damage items or cause serious injury. It will also prevent injury when you unpack the boxes later.

Moving out

  • Make sure someone stays behind to check that all items have been packed and loaded on to the removal van before the van leaves.
  • Make sure you have all the contact numbers you need, including your estate agent and removal company, also make sure your phone is fully charged and left switched on in case someone needs to contact you.
  • Before you leave your old house make sure that everything is turned off and you have taken final meter readings. Ensure that you close all windows and lock all doors after having that final look round.
  • Make sure you let everyone know your new address and arrange for a mail redirection service to take care of anything you may have forgotten.

Moving in

  • It is a great idea to provide your removals company with a floorplan of your new address and label all rooms to correspond with the labels on the boxes. This will ensure that the removals team put the boxes in the right rooms and will prevent you having to move things around later.
  • Have a quick check round before you start moving items in to your new house and make sure there is no new damage or missing items that should have been included in the sale.
  • Take meter readings as soon as possible to make sure you are not paying for energy that you have not used.
  • It is a good idea to pack suitcases with everything you are likely to need on the first day rather than having to hunt through hundreds of boxes for essential items.

Frequently asked questions

We supply a complete range of packing materials, including sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes, wardrobe boxes which are great for moving your cloths and keeping them ready to wear and of course all of the packaging tape and marker pens you will need. We can deliver this to you in plenty of time for your move. We recommend you start packing as soon as possible. It can take longer than you think and it gives you a chance to sort out the things you no longer need and even make a bit of money from your unwanted items.
We offer a full or partial packing service. Fill in one of our quote request forms or give us a call for more details. Once you have used a packing service you will never want to move house any other way again. It really does take the pain out of moving and of course anything we wrap and pack is fully covered on our insurance for your total peace of mind.
We offer a dismantling and reassembly service if it is required. Very often we buy and assemble flat packed furniture in our homes. Very often items like beds and wardrobes are too large when assembled to fit through doors. These items will need to be partially dismantled in order for them to be moved. If you do this yourself please remember to keep all of the screws and bolts you remove and of course it always helps if you can remember how to put it back together again.

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